Changes to Retrofit Program

Increases to non-lighting incentives this fall plus Instant Discounts program for lighting launching in December.

Updates to the Save on Energy Retrofit program‘s prescriptive incentives increase most non-lighting measures. The new incentives will come into effect on October 30, 2023.

As communicated earlier this year, the IESO will introduce the new Save on Energy Instant Discounts program on December 18, 2023. The new incentive increases are being introduced in response to recent measure price increases and feedback received from program participants and Save on Energy Retrofit program delivery partners. Please visit the Retrofit program website for the updated list of measures and incentives. Within the program, the incentives will be paid directly to distributors, enabling them to offer instant point-of-sale discounts to their customers on energy-efficient lighting. There is no paperwork to apply for the program on the part of contractors, consultants, or end users. This will eliminate wait times and application processing resulting in a streamlined customer experience. When this program is launched, most lighting measures will no longer be available in the Retrofit program. The last day to apply for most lighting projects in the Retrofit Program will be December 17, 2023.

Important dates:

October 30, 2023  Most non-lighting prescriptive incentives increase.  
December 17, 2023Retrofit program incentives for lighting ends. This is the last day to submit Retrofit program lighting applications for pre-approval.*
December 18, 2023Instant Discounts program launches

*Retrofit applications for lighting measures that have been pre-approved or submitted for pre-approval prior to or on December 17, 2023, will continue to be eligible to receive the Retrofit program incentive after program requirements are met. However, to avoid disqualification for the Retrofit program incentive, Retrofit program participants are advised to speak with their distributor and to not accept the Save on Energy Instant Discounts program incentive if it is offered when purchasing lighting measures.

For more information, including a list of updated measures and incentives and FAQs, please visit the Retrofit program website: Application documents for the Retrofit program  

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