Greenhouse Floriculture Specialists from the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) contribute to the blog.  Use the contact information below to ask them any technical questions you may have!

Dr. Sarah Jandricic, Greenhouse Floriculture IPM Specialist:


Sarah Jandricic is the Greenhouse Floriculture IPM Specialist for OMAFRA, taking over from Graeme Murphy in 2014.  Sarah has over 18 years experience in greenhouse integrated pest management (IPM), including extensive research experience in Canada, NY State and North Carolina, and 2 years at a greenhouse IPM consulting company.  She has published numerous trade articles and run a variety of grower workshops relating to biological control of greenhouse pests.  She is responsible for both IPM of insects and plant diseases.

You can reach Sarah at:
OMAFRA, Vineland Campus
Box 7000, 4890 Victoria Avenue North
Vineland Station L0R 2E0
Telephone: 905-687-1277

You can also check out Sarah’s profile on LinkedIn.

Areas of Focus:

  • Implementation of IPM in commercial greenhouse flower crops
  • Collaborative research projects on novel IPM strategies
  • Demonstration projects in commercial operations

Dr. Chevonne Dayboll, Greenhouse Floriculture Specialist:

CCarlow 2017

Chevonne Dayboll started as the Greenhouse Floriculture Specialist for OMAFRA in 2015. Chevonne’s background includes many years of working with various plant species, most notably while studying the effects of light on young plant development and the effects of temperature on plant stress responses. She is responsible for issues affecting plant production (including energy, lighting and the greenhouse environment) and plant nutrition in floriculture crops.

You can reach Chevonne at:
OMAFRA, Vineland Campus
4890 Victoria Avenue North
Vineland Station L0R 2E0
Telephone: 289-241-2817

You can also follow Chevonne on Twitter at: @ChevonneDayboll

Areas of Focus:

  • Floriculture crop production and marketing information for greenhouse production systems including water, fertilizer and energy management
  • Collaborative research and demonstration projects on a wide variety of topics including new crop development and greenhouse technology adoption

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