IPM Webinars

These recorded webinars let you hear directly from experts – on YOUR time!

    • How to use “thrips-magnet” plants to your advantage (min 13:27)
    • Dipping cuttings and front-loading bios to reduce thrips in propagation (min 20:26)
    • How and when you should be using microbial pesticides (min 27:36)
    •  When to apply nematodes – and when to stop applying them! (min 30:00)
    • Why mite sachets are the backbone of any thrips program and how to get the most out of them (min 33:07)
    • Mass trapping – should you use it? (min 44:35)
    • Where pesticides fit in (min 50:55)   Thrips webinar promotion 2020
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  • Tips for Thrips Control: from Propagation to Pocketbook, it is now available FOR FREE on the Greenhouse Canada Magazine website Just register with your email address.  This is a shortened version of the webinar above, with a running time of 40 min. This webinar also addresses economics of thrips management, and how to keep track of what you’re spending.Timely tips for thrips control