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GrowON Webinar Series:

Squeaky Clean Start to 2023 – MSU /Grow ON Webinar, with Cara McCreary (M.Sc.), OMAFRA and Dr. Rose Buitenhuis (Vineland). 

To bleach or not to bleach? Cara McCreary (Greenhouse Vegetable IPM Specialist at Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, Canada) will discuss the benefits of cleaning and disinfecting a greenhouse structure and equipment to minimize pest outbreaks. She will share some tips and tricks for this seemingly daunting task with a focus on the riskiest pathways of pest introductions and opportunities to mitigate these risks. 

Dr. Rose Buitenhuis (Senior Research Scientist Biological Control at Vineland Research and Innovation Centre, Canada) will then provide tips on how to reduce incoming insect pests by dipping vegetative cuttings in reduced-risk products. She will provide an update on new research findings as well.

Recorded January 19th, 2023. Running time: 90 min. Viewing is FREE.

Onion Thrips as a Greenhouse Pest, with Ashley Summerfield (M.Sc.) (Vineland). 

Onion thrips outbreaks in greenhouse crops have been on the rise. Unfortunately, typical IPM programs for western flower thrips don’t seem to be as effective for this thrips pest, and we don’t know why. Ashley will discuss the results her Master’s research comparing the efficacy of common thrips IPM tools on onion thrips versus western flower thrips, and what growers should be doing NOW to manage their onion thrips populations. Ashley will also discuss where research on this emerging pest should go from here.

Recorded August 24th, 2022. Running time: 54 min. Viewing is FREE.


Battling Botrytis in Your Greenhouse: Environment, Nutrients and Fungicides, with Nikki Lukasko (Ph.D. Candidate, Michigan State University). 

Nikki Lukasko is a PhD student in Dr. Mary Hausbeck’s plant pathology lab at Michigan State University. Her current research is focused on management, fungicide resistance, and population genetics of Botrytis cinerea in ornamental greenhouses. The goals of her research are to provide greenhouse growers with improved tools for controlling Botrytis blight and a better understanding of the pathogen’s behavior.

Recorded June 9, 2022. Running time: 52 min. Viewing is FREE.

Root Rots: What You Can’t See Can Hurt You, part of OMAFRA’s 2021 Controlled Environment Agriculture Webinar Series.

Dr. Maury Hausbeck, Plant Pathologist from Michigan State University, fills us in on cultural and chemical controls you can use to make sure your spring crop and beyond are free of disease.

Recorded March 24, 2022. Running time: 1 hr. Viewing is FREE.


Content from OMAFRA Staff:

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Spraying in Cannabis Crops: an Art as Much as a Science, hosted by Niagara College. Features Dr. Jason Deveau (OMAFRA), AKA the “Sprayer Guy”!


Biology and Management of Western Flower Thrips: a Canadian Perspective, hosted by Crop Talk Media. Featuring Dr. Sarah Jandricic (OMAFRA) and Dr. Rose Buitenhuis (Vineland).

Recorded July 25, 2020. Running time: 1hr 38 min. Viewing is FREE. 

Dr. Sarah Jandricic from OMAFRA, and Dr. Rose Buitenhuis from the Vineland Research and Innovation Centre, take you on an in-depth walk through thrips management – from propagation through to finishing.     Thrips webinar promotion 2020


Tips for Thrips Control: from Propagation to Pocketbook from Greenhouse Canada Magazine . Features Dr. Sarah Jandricic (OMAFRA)

This webinar also addresses economics of thrips management, and how to keep track of what you’re spending.

Recorded October 2016. 40 min running time. Available or FREE – just register with your email address.