Useful Websites

Industry Resources:

OMAFRA Horticulture water resources These videos show some important BMPs for water and nutrient use in greenhouses.

Water Treatment Information An amalgamation of information on water treatment options for disease and nutrient management.  By experts at the University of Guelph.

2014 Floriculture crop statistics from the USDA.

Flowers Canada Growers – represents floriculture greenhouse growers and industry partners across Canada.

Greenhouse Canada Magazine – the only Canadian magazine published exclusively for greenhouse growers.

Vineland Research and Innovation Centre – an innovative research institute dedicated to sustainability of the horticultural sector.

Laboratory Services at the University of Guelph – can diagnose plant diseases, nutrient deficiencies, soil nematodes and pesticide residues from plant/soil/water samples in a matter of days.  Fees apply.

Blogs/Online Newsletters:

eGRO Electronic Grower Resources Online A collaborative effort of floriculture specialists from across the USA to communicate about production and IPM issues across the US greenhouse sector. Research and extension articles, tools and podcasts are available.

Cornell University/NY State IPM Program Blog for greenhouse, nursery and landscape plants.  A must-see resource with a TON of information in each post!

Michigan State University Extension Newsletter Includes information on crop production and business management.

New England Greenhouse Update has an amazing photo library of disease, insect damage, and nutritional deficiencies, as well as updates on research etc. from the northeast.

K-State Horticulture Newsletter  and University of Florida/IFAS Extension’s “Agent’s Update” Online Magazine.  Both cover all sorts of horticulture, but there are some good tidbits about up and coming pest issues and management strategies for ornamentals.