Proposed Protected Agriculture Stewardship Standards are Open for Comment

Over the last several years, CropLife Canada and various grower groups have been working to develop a certification program for greenhouses and other protected agriculture producers to reduce the risk of nutrients and pest management products leaving the farm with irrigation water. This work was initiated after imidacloprid was found in high levels in some waterways in Ontario and British Columbia. A draft was released in 2020 for public consultation, and feedback has been incorporated into the latest draft which is now available for comment.

Growers that use recirculating flood floors will be captured under the new certification program.

The first stage of the proposed water standard affects greenhouse producers who have recirculating irrigation systems. All growers who self-identify as having a closed-loop irrigation system will need to have passed an audit by December 31, 2023. You can find details on the specific definition of closed-loop in the proposed standard, but generally it includes growers with recirculating systems such as flood floors, flood benches and troughs. All greenhouse growers with these irrigation systems will need to be certified under the program – by successfully completing an audit, or by completing a self declaration indicating that their farm has an open irrigation system– by December 31, 2023.  If a farm has not taken either of these measures, they may be prevented from purchasing pesticides for use in their greenhouses.

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The New Era of Pesticides in Canada: Cancellations, Re-evaluations, and New Products

pesticide pic

Changes will soon be coming to some of the chemical products you rely on most.

It seems  there is never a dull moment in the greenhouse ornamental industry these days.  From transitions to new crops,  new export requirements, to novel pest problems, the industry has seen a lot of change….and it’s not over yet. 

The industry is also going to be facing changes regarding some commonly used chemical products. Here is the latest on potential  revisions to the list of chemical tools we have access to in Canadian floriculture.

This is guest post was written by Cary Gates, Pest Management Director at Flowers Canada Growers.

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Course to offer pesticide training specific to greenhouse industry

pesticourse On Tuesday June 9th,  there will be a Pesticide Safety Course dedicated specifically for greenhouse growers.  It will be held at the Vineland Research Station.  The following topics will be covered:

1. Greenhouse IPM
2. Worker Safety Practices
3. Application Methods and Equipment
4. Applying the Right Amount

To register call 1-800-652-8573, or sign up online at