Upcoming GrowON Webinar on Dynamic LED Lighting plus Other GrowON Webinars you Might have Missed

Please join us for another GrowON lunch and learn event in person (at Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable Growers in Leamington, ON) or online on Friday May 12 from 12:00-1:00. Lunch will be provided compliments of OGVG. You will hear about dynamic LED lighting and it’s effect on the circadian rhythm of crops from University of Guelph researchers.

Keep reading to register for this upcoming webinar, as well as links to webinar recordings on Hop Latent Viroid in cannabis and greenhouse automation.

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A Dark Start to 2023

The winter months can always be a challenge for floriculture producers. But have you found this winter to be unpredictably dark? Has this affected your crop?

Read on to see if this year is unusual, or part of a trend, and how this may influence your production decisions (and energy costs) in years to come.

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OMAFRA CEA Webinar Series: Smart Sensors for Floriculture

Ever thought your plants were looking a little chlorotic, but didn’t want to waste time or money on tests? What if an smartphone app could tell you their nitrogen level? What if low cost sensors could help you monitor plant growth and tell you when PGRs are needed?

Having previously covered topics such as artificial intelligence and smart spraying, OMAFRA is continuing it’s CEA Webinar series, looking specifically at smart sensors. And they don’t have to be anything fancy to help you monitor your crop.

Although “floriculture” is in the title, the sensors and apps Dr. Krishna Nemali from Purdue University will discuss have applications across all avenues of controlled environment agriculture. Keep reading for details on the webinar, and how to register.

Knowing when to apply PGRs to crops like poinsettia is critical. A smart phone app could help make things easier with less staff training.
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