Grower Tools: Pesticide Tables, BMPs, Pest Keys etc.

Here you’ll find tools developed by Dr. Sarah Jandricic and Dr. Chevonne Dayboll to help make your life easier.  These include insect-identification keys, decision trees for pesticide applications, and best management practices for water and nutrient management.

  • OMAFRA Guide to Greenhouse Floriculture Production (Pub 370). NOTE – this publication has not been updated since 2014. Many pesticide registrations are out of date. However, it still contains good information about pests, biocontrol agents, and basic production. p370orderf2
  • OMAFRA Greenhouse Floriculture Registered Pesticide Spreadsheet 2019. Updated Information on Pesticide Products for use on Greenhouse Ornamental crops can be found in this downloadable and editable spreadsheet. This file contains all information growers need to make an informed decision. This includes phytotoxicity, compatibility with natural enemies, and direct links to the most recent label. Detailed notes can be found in cells with a red tab in the corner.compatibility-image
  • Water Quality Guidance for Greenhouses and Nurseries 2018.Flowers Canada Ontario, the Soil Research Group and OMAFRA came up with a guidance document to assist growers in choosing water treatment systems. It covers why you might want to treat your water and which systems are best for common problems like sediment, fungi, viral or bacterial issues. It also addresses costs, installation, space requirements and maintenance considerations.
  • Key to Important Thrips Pests of Ontario Greenhouses_2021 This grower-friendly, pictorial key has been developed to make thrips identification easier on-farm. Recently, thrips species other than western flower thrips have become a significant problem in Ontario floriculture greenhouses. Correct identification is the first step to better control.thrips key example
  • JB Spray Decision Tree and Control Timing Chart 2020. This simple guide to Japanese beetle control requirements was developed to help Ontario growers more easily meet CFIA guidelines. This verison includes updated products and timing recommendations, as well as a decision tree to help you figure out if you need to spray at all.
    Control Timing Chart 2020_JB
  • BMPs for Floriculture Water and Nutrient Management. Also available in French. This self-assessment guide is designed to help growers take a comprehensive and critical overview of production areas in the greenhouse. It is designed to assist with:
    • Water and Fertilizer Use for Greenhouse Floriculture Production• Knowing water quality & quantity
      • Managing water & nutrient inputs efficiently
      • Maximizing collection & reuse of water
      • Maximizing storage capacity & integrity to keep water contained