Grower Tools: Keys and Decision Trees

Here you’ll find tools developed by Dr. Sarah Jandricic and Dr. Chevonne Carlow to help make your life easier.  These include insect-identification keys, decision trees for pesticide applications, and best management practices for water and nutrient management.


JB Spray Decision Tree and Control Timing Chart 2019_PDF VERSION

Best Management Practices and Self-Assessment for Water & Fertilizer Use for Greenhouse Floriculture Production

Water and Fertilizer Use for Greenhouse Floriculture ProductionThis self-assessment guide is designed to help growers take a comprehensive and critical overview of production
areas in the greenhouse. It is designed to assist with:
• Knowing water quality & quantity
• Managing water & nutrient inputs efficiently
• Maximizing collection & reuse of water
• Maximizing storage capacity & integrity to keep water contained

Also available in French.