Water Quality BMPs

  • Water Quality Guidance for Greenhouses and Nurseries 2018.Flowers Canada Ontario, the Soil Research Group and OMAFRA came up with a guidance document to assist growers in choosing water treatment systems. It covers why you might want to treat your water and which systems are best for common problems like sediment, fungi, viral or bacterial issues. It also addresses costs, installation, space requirements and maintenance considerations.
  • BMPs for Floriculture Water and Nutrient Management. Also available in French. This self-assessment guide is designed to help growers take a comprehensive and critical overview of production areas in the greenhouse. It is designed to assist with:
    • Water and Fertilizer Use for Greenhouse Floriculture Production• Knowing water quality & quantity
      • Managing water & nutrient inputs efficiently
      • Maximizing collection & reuse of water
      • Maximizing storage capacity & integrity to keep water contained