Online Production Calculators

Helpful tools and calculators developed by experts in the greenhouse sector.

Production Tools

  • DLI Calculator – The Daily Light Integral (DLI) is a measure of how much daylight is delivered to a location over a 24-hour period. This web app can determine DLI values throughout the year for any location (GPS coordinates required).
  • PGR Mix Master – Calculates desired dilution rates for common plant growth regulators in metric and imperial units. Note that this is a US based tool, and as such some listed chemicals may not be approved for use in Canada. Developed by the E-GRO team, also available as a smartphone app.
  • Fert Dirt & Squirt – Excellent information on pH and EC monitoring in irrigation water and potted crops. Database of nutritional deficiency symptoms in many floriculture and nursery species. Developed by researchers from NC State and the University of Kentucky.