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Our Blog for Ontario Greenhouse Floriculture Growers
To provide Ontario greenhouse floriculture growers with timely, technical information to produce the best crops, OMAFRA specialists are contributing to the ONfloriculture blog. ONfloriculture covers information on:

• Monitoring and management of insects, diseases and weeds
• News on new research and emerging pest problems
• Production issues and solutions
• Industry events
• Links to other resources

Looking for information on a specific pest or disease?
See the Topic Word Cloud on the right side of the screen.  Topics build themselves as we post.  By clicking on a particular topic (e.g. “Thrips”), you’ll be taken to all related posts.  The most posted-about topics will be in larger font.

Short on time?
Feel like you don’t have time to really read a whole blog post?  Hey, we know the feeling.  So, for all posts, we’ll be doing our best to bold the most important parts, in case you only have time to skim.


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