Cleaning Out Your Greenhouse Today can Save You Pest and Disease Headaches Tomorrow.

Now that Victoria Day weekend has come and gone, many floriculture greenhouses find themselves with a rare period of empty compartments or benches before fall crops go in. Similarly, many vegetable greenhouses extending their growing period are facing their first crop clean out. Now is the perfect time to consider a thorough cleaning of your greenhouse to prevent pest issues going forward into the new crop. But this can seem like a daunting task.

OMAFRA and the Vineland Research and Innovation Centre have produced a how-to video on greenhouse clean-out and disinfection that can help you know where to start.

How-To Video Series

As part of Vineland and OMAFRA’s How-To Video Series, this video tackles removing old plant material, cleaning surfaces and sterilizing with sanitizers. This helps to reduce the incidence of both arthropod pests and diseases that like to hide in nooks and crannies, and in water delivery systems.

Need More Info on Starting Clean?

If you missed it, our Canadian specialists gave an excellent webinar with Michigan State Extension in January on just this topic! Click HERE to be taken to this webinar on the MSU page.

Cara McCreary (Greenhouse Vegetable IPM Specialist, OMAFRA) and myself discussed the benefits of cleaning and disinfecting a greenhouse (floriculture or vegetable) in-depth. Here, we share detailed tips and tricks for this task, with a focus on the riskiest pathways of pest introductions and opportunities to mitigate these risks

Dr. Rose Buitenhuis (Senior Research Scientist Biological Control at Vineland Research and Innovation Centre, Canada) also provides tips on how to reduce incoming insect pests by dipping vegetative cuttings in reduced-risk products. It’s definitely a good time to review this topic before poinsettia cuttings come in!

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