New Acting Greenhouse Floriculture Specialist

As we head toward the Canadian Greenhouse Conference, let’s welcome OMAFRA’s new acting Greenhouse Floriculture Specialist. Abigail Wiesner will be within the position until Sept 2024.

To learn more about Abbie, and how to contact her, keep reading.

Abbie has a BSc and MSc in Environmental Sciences from the University of Guelph, with a specialization in entomology. For the past 11 months, Abbie has been with OMAFRA as the Acting Canola and Edible Bean Specialist.

Additionally, Abbie has experience within the nursery and landscape sector conducting leading research on the box tree moth, an invasive insect pest impacting the sector since 2018.

Abbie has a strong passion for helping growers to ensure that they are supported, have economical and effective solutions to production issues and are educated on industry and research advancements. Contact her about all issues related to greenhouse floriculture production, including nutrient and environmental issues, energy, lighting, and labour concerns.

Please contact her through email at and by phone at 226-979-8250.

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