New Tool to Fight Mites and Bemisia Whitefly in Greenhouse Floriculture: Magister SC

As growers are continuously battling new pests, as well as old nemeses, any new tool is a welcome addition in the pesticide toolbox.

The Pest Management Regulatory Agency recently registered an interesting new product: Magister SC (fenazaquin), which is a miticide, insecticide AND a fungicide!

Although registered against powdery mildew in some crops, only the miticide/insecticide use pattern is allowed in greenhouse ornamentals. More information on this product is available below.

Information to Know about Magister SC for Floriculture:

  • It’s registered against spider mites, as well as European red mite and others. It is also registered against sweetpotato whitefly (Bemisia tabaci)
  • It’s a Group 21 insecticide – this is in the same chemical class as Fujimite (fenpyroximate) and DynoMite (pyridaben).
  • Magister SC should not be used within the same pesticide rotation program as Fujimite and DynoMite to prevent the development of pesticide resistance in spider mites and whitefly.
  • It is NOT for use on cut flowers
  • Provides control of eggs by contact and controls immature and adult mites by both contact and ingestion
  • REI – 12 hours
  • Moderately (3) hard to hard (4) on most beneficial insects, including predatory mites, with a 3 week persistence

Label Access:

This product is not year appearing in Health Canada’s Pesticide Label Search, but you can view and download the current legal label here:

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