Can We Improve Pesticide Application in Greenhouse Ornamentals?

As anyone battelling whitefly on poinsettia this season can attest to, good pesticide coverage in ornamental crops can be challenging. Hydraulic sprayers are the industry standard, but does that mean they’re the best option? Where does sprayer technology need to go in the future to get growers better results?

This summer, Dr. Jason Deveau, OMAFRA’s official “Spray Guy”, and myself did a trial at a local greenhouse with some experimental equipment to try and answer these questions. The results were intriguing, to say the least.

For all the details on this trial, check out the link to Jason’s blog post, below.


If you haven’t already checked out Sprayers 101 – A Resource for Safe, Effective and Efficient Spraying in Agriculture , you really should! It’s chalked full of good information on sprayers, spray calculators, nozzles and more.

For our trial on improving pesticide coverage when it comes to ornamentals, check out this post: Air-Assisted Spraying in Greenhouse Ornamentals – Sprayers 101

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