In-Depth Webinar on Thrips Management: From Planning to Pesticides

Thrips webinar promotion 2020Thrips got you down? Not sure what you can do to beef up your thrips-management program? Then this new webinar is for you!

Drs. Sarah Jandricic (Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs) and Rose Buitenhuis (Vineland Research and Innovation Centre) have combined their respective knowledge into a “systems approach” for thrips management.

Want to know what that means, and how it can work for you? Then keep reading!

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Biology and Management of Thrips: A Canadian Perspective, was hosted by Crop Talk Media.  Dr. Sarah Jandricic from OMAFRA, and Dr. Rose Buitenhuis from the Vineland Research and Innovation Centre, take you on an in-depth walk through thrips management – from propagation through to finishing.

This webinar focuses on controlling thrips without pesticides – a feat that’s been accomplished in Canadian greenhouses since 2010.  Different biocontrol agents, when to apply them in the crop cycle, and how to use “complimentary strategies” (such as mass trapping and indicator plants) are all discussed.  Total running time of the webinar is 1hr 38 min – because there’s a lot to cover when it comes to thrips!

Topics include:

    • How to use “thrips-magnet” plants to your advantage (min 13:27)
    • Dipping cuttings and front-loading bios to reduce thrips in propagation (min 20:26)
    • How and when you should be using microbial pesticides (min 27:36)
    •  When to apply nematodes – and when to stop applying them! (min 30:00)
    • Why mite sachets are the backbone of any thrips program and how to get the most out of them (min 33:07)
    • Mass trapping – should you use it? (min 44:35)
    • Where pesticides fit in (min 50:55)
    • Additional resources (min 55:28)

You can find the full length webinar here. Also be sure to stay tuned for our upcoming webinar on control of an emerging pest – onion thrips!

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