A new (biological!) tool to tackle Japanese Beetle.

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Japanese beetles attack ornamental plants and make shipping out of Ontario more difficult.

It’s almost that time of year again – time for Japanese beetles to begin their flight and make exporting ornamental plants from Ontario more difficult.

But this year, we have a new biological insecticide is available for managing both the larval and adult stages of Japanese Beetle. 

Read more on it’s use and availability.

BeetleGone and GrubGone!

These are two new products on the market for control of several beetles that attack ornamentals.  Both contain a naturally occurring bacteria, Bt, or Bacillus thuringiensis (subspecies galleriae).  You may be familiar with other products that contain B.t. (e.g. Dipel, Bioprotec, Xentari) that we use for moth larvae.  All are Class 11 insecticides.

BeetleGone is a liquid formulation, and can be used  for the adult and larval (grub) stage of JB.   GrubGone is a granular formulation, appropriate only for the larval stage. 

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The grub (larval) stage of Japanese beetle (Popillia japonica) can only be controlled through soil drenches of appropriate products.

Both are now available as options to for part of your general management program for JBin both outdoor and greenhouse ornamental crops. These new biological insecticide are available hereNote that quantities are limited.

JB Certification Program:

Note that, due to their relative newness on the market, the jury is still out if these products will be appropriate for the JB control module for growers on the Greenhouse Certification Program.

For now, those who want to ship products outside Ontario that have been grown during the JB flight period should see the approved control options and application timings listed in this post.


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