Cooler weather means more foxglove aphids: a refresher

foxglove aphid 3_SJ
Foxglove aphid feeding on pansy. Note the two dark-green spots on the abdomen and the dark leg joints which are characteristic of this pest.

Now that temperatures have cooled down, it’s time to start watching for foxglove aphid as your primary aphid pest, rather than green peach or melon aphid.  Here’s links to 2 articles that were published this week that talk about this pest’s biology and control measures.

Grower Talks Article – “Out Foxing Foxglove Aphid” By Dr. John Sanderson of Cornell University and myself.

MSU Extension: Foxglove aphids: Gear up to deal with this cooler temperature greenhouse pest By Tom Dudek of Michigan State University Extension

Also, stay tuned for some exciting results about foxglove aphid control with A. ervi in an future post with the Buitenhuis Lab.

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