Webinar Detailing Thrips Control Strategies Now on the Web.

thrips infographic_no titleFor those of you that missed my webinar on “Thrips Control: from Propagation to Pocketbook”, it is now available for free on the Greenhouse Canada Magazine website

Keep reading for more details and a link to the talk.

Western flower thrips (Frankliniella occidentalis) are one of the most pervasive and damaging pests in the greenhouse floriculture industry world wide. This webinar (available here) provides a detailed walk through a successful thrips management program in a potted chryanthemum operation.


Western flower thrips (above: male, below: female) caught on a sticky card.

Topics covered include why front-loading natural enemies in propagation is an effective strategy, which predatory mite species to use when in your crop, and what “rescue” strategies are at your disposal when thrips get out of control.

Tools for understanding how your biocontrol dollars are spent on your farm are outlined, as are tips for reducing thrips management costs.

Any questions about the content in this webinar can be direct to myself at sarah.jandricic@ontario.ca.



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