Get the 411 on whitefly control from growers and industry experts

Bemisia whitefly on poinsettia.  The dreaded “Q” biotype has recently been found OUTSIDE a greenhouse in Florida for the first time since it’s discovery in 2004, suggesting this pest is adapting to different crops/environments.

Poinsettia season is just a few weeks away.  Do you know how you’re going to handle whitefly control this year?  All biocontrol?  Which bios will be the most effective?  What about pesticides?

To get these questions answered (ESPECIALLY if you weren’t happy with your whitefly program last year), plan to attend Grower Day 2016 on June 15th.

Speakers include poinsettia cutting producers from Mexico, leading biocontrol scientists from Vineland, as well as reps from the major biocontrol companies that will (politely) duke it out over who has the best program!

Register here for this important event.