REMINDER! GrowON Webinar Thursday July 27th: Comforting Lies and Unpleasant Truths about Pesticide Application

Ever wonder why you spray the label rate of a pesticide, and you just don’t see good control? Does it have to do with your application method? Your crop? Or something to do with the label rate? According to Dr. Jason Deveau, OMAFRA’s Application Technology Specialist, the truth lies somewhere in between…

Join our latest GrowON Webinar on Thursday, July 27th, where Jason discusses the pitfalls behind generating pesticide labels, and how growers of horticultural crops can help improve pesticide efficacy on-farm.

This is a great webinar for growers of greenhouse floriculture, greenhouse vegetable, nursery and cannabis crops.

Webinar Details:

Who: Our speaker is Dr. Jason Deveau, OMAFRA’s Application Technology Specialist and one half of the popular Sprayers 101 website!

Dr. Jason Deveau, wearing shades because he’s about to blast some rays of truth at you.

What: Application methods used to test and generate data for fungicide labels can be significantly different from those employed by end users – particularly in horticultural crops. This can affect pesticide value, leading to compromised efficacy, increased risk of pest resistance, variable residue levels, wasted resources, and unnecessary environmental loads. An understanding of how product testing is performed can help operators interpret the label’s intent, and lead to better choices when applying fungicides.

Cohosts: Dr. Sarah Jandricic (Greenhouse Floriculture IPM Specialist, OMAFRA) and Cara McCreary (Greenhouse Vegetable IPM Specialist).

When: Thursday, July 27th from 12-1:00 pm

How to Watch: Register for the live webinar using this link. (The webinar will also be recorded for on-demand viewing on our ONFloriculture Youtube channel, but you still have to register!

More info: email Sarah Jandricic at

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