GrowON 2022 Webinar Series: Battling Botrytis in Covered Crops.

Every year, factors like increased cloud cover, rain, poor ventilation, and lack of accessible chemicals can leave growers struggling to control Botrytis cinerea (otherwise known as grey mould) in their crops. Our next GrowON webinar speaker has spent an entire PhD trying to bring you better solutions to an old problem: battling Botrytis.

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Nikki Lukasko, PhD Candidate in Dr. Mary Hausbeck’s Plant Pathology Lab at Michigan State University. Nikki is the resident expert on all things Botrytis!

Date and Time:

June 9 2022, 12:00–1:00 PM EST

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This GrowON webinar will cover successful management of Botrytis cinerea in ornamental greenhouses. This talk with specifically focus on Botrytis control without over-reliance on Rovral or Daconil, two chemistries that have recently been deregistered on certain ornamental crops in Canada. Other chemical options will be discussed, as will the the increased importance of cultural controls and biofungicides to manage this common disease in a sustainable fashion.


Dr. Sarah Jandricic, Greenhouse Floriculture IPM Specialist, Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, email:

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