Webinar this THURDAY: Making the Most of Spraying in Covered Crops (including Cannabis)

As anyone growing greenhouse vegetables, floriculture or cannabis crops knows, most pesticide application information out there is NOT geared towards covered crops. To help growers improve spray coverage and product efficacy of both conventional and microbial pesticides, Niagara College’s Cannabis Program has put together a webinar of experts. Together, they have over 100 years of combined pesticide application experience (*insert joke about how old they all are here*).

The panel includes both government and industry experts, including Dr. Jason Deveau from OMAFRA, Dr. Michael Brownbridge from BioWorks, and Louis Damm from the Dram Corporation. This webinar will focus on cannabis as a model crop, but much this information is highly applicable to floriculture as well.

Read on for information on this free webinar and a link to the recording.

Topic: Spraying in Cannabis: an Art as Much as a Science


9.50-10.00am           Conference open 10 mins early for setting up and getting ready

10.00-10.30am        Jason Deveau-the Spray Guy –> Opening the mind on the art of spraying physics and how to analyze your coverage

10.30am-11.00am   Louis Damm (Dramm Corporation) –> Spraying equipment adapted for cannabis crops, field experiences within cannabis industry

11.00-11.30am        Bioworks team (Michael Brownbridge, Colin Ashbee, tbd) –> Best Spraying practices for Bioworks’ products; field experiences

11.30-12.00               Open Q & A

The webinar recording can be found at: (549) Spraying Cannabis Crops: An Art as much as a Science (OMAFRA Sprayer Guy, Dramm, Bioworks) – YouTube

More Information:

For any questions related to this webinar, please contact Sebastian Jacob at Niagara College: sjacob@niagaracollege.ca

More information about the Cannabis Program at Niagara College can be found here: https://www.niagaracollege.ca/environment/program/cannabis-production/

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  1. will there be a recording for this ?i was in class this morning and could not attend, but would like to view the recording if there will be one available. thank you

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