New Virus in Greenhouse Crops: Important Info Sessions Available Tues and Thurs

ToBRFV is a new virus on the greenhouse scene.

A new, potentially serious plant virus – the Tomato Brown Rugose Fruit Virus – is moving through crops across Europe and the U.S.  As this virus can affect both tomatoes, peppers, and potentially some floral hosts, OMAFRA is running information workshops in Niagara and Leamington to answer grower questions about potential threats to our industry.

Read on for a description of the virus and workshop dates.

What We Know:

ToBRFV infected tomatoes.  Infection results in splotching similar to Pepino Mosaic Virus (PepMV). Photo from HortiDaily.

The Tomato Brown Rugose Fruit Virus (ToBRFV) is a disease that predominately impacts tomato plants, and to a lesser extent, pepper plants, leaving the fruit damaged and unmarketable.  It was first detected in Israel in 2014; read how it has since been found in  North America here.

Although it does not pose a food safety risk, it can be devastating to crops and challenging to control/eradicate when not acted upon swiftly.

Although primarily a disease of greenhouse vegetables, known hosts in other countries include ornamentals such as petunia. So, it’s important that all greenhouse growers know the signs and symptoms, and how to prevent and manage the spread of the virus.

Ultimately, biosecurity measures, such as strict sanitation, will be key to preventing  introduction/transmission of this pest.

Protect Your Farm by Getting the Facts:

OMAFRA-led info sessions will cover what we know about the virus to date, as well as procedures and products you’ll need to effectively prevent, identify and potentially manage ToBRFV.  Follow this link to register for either session next week. Or, copy this address into your browser search bar:

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