Reminder: LAST Webinar in “Let’s Talk Disease” Webinar Series Today.

Foliage of cut roses covered with mycellial mats causes by powdery mildew infection.
Powdery mildew in a cut rose production facility.

Please join us THIS AFTERNOON (TUES) at 2pm EST for our LAST webinar presentation.   Dr. Janna Beckerman of  Purdue University will covering disease control in cut flowers.

A reminder that All webinars are FREE – all they require is registration.  Please go to to sign up with your email.

Interested in ornamental disease webinars you may have missed?  See below for links to previously recorded presentations.

Previously Recorded Webinars:


Cultural Controls. Run by Dr. John D. Lea-Cox from the University of Maryland, this webinar will guide you through the basics of cultural controls, from clean stock  to irrigation water recycling and sanitation. COMPLETED: view the recording here (register to view).

Fusarium Basics. Presented by Dr. Ann Chase, Chase Agricultural Consulting, find out how to best protect your crops from fusarium and other root rots. Cultural, biological and conventional control strategies will be covered. COMPLETED: view the recording here (register to view)

Disease Diagnostics for Greenhouse Crops. Featuring Dr. Karen Rane, University of Maryland, you’ll learn how to sharpen your diagnostic skills.  Dr. Rane will provide tips and strategies for identifying problems in your crop. Register here.

Powdery mildew controlDr. Jean Williams-Woodward, University of Georgia will tell you about proactive measures you can take in the greenhouse and how to manage the disease when present.  COMPLETED: view the recording here.


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