Webinar Series on Ornamental Disease Control Starts March 14!

Mar 14 Cultural Controls Webinar ArtRankled by root rots? Mystified by mildews? Bothered by Botrytis? We’re here to help!

Greenhouse Canada Magazine and OMAFRA are proud to be co-hosting a webinar series on ornamental disease control.  Running from March to late April, this series covers topics from sanitation measures you should be adding to your management program, to the most effective fungicides for persistent pests like powdery mildew.

Keep reading for our list of dates and exciting speakers.

Why Focus on Disease?

Remember that VRIC survey on pest management we asked you to fill out a while ago, because it would help influence research and extension?  Well, you spoke and we listened!

When growers were asked what they needed in order to improve their success with  disease management, 40% of grower responses included requests for information, strategies, and training, so that they could use existing tools more effectively.

Root rots like Fusarium, Pythium and Phytophthora (pictured) are the diseases growers struggle with the most.

To help bring you the latest information on disease control, OMAFRA has assembled a team of researchers, extension specialists and consultants from the U.S. to provide expert information and advice.  Sign up for one or all of the broadcasts, depending on your needs!

Greenhouse Canada Disease Webinar Schedule:

  • Thursday March 14th, 2-3pm: Cultural Controls. Run by Dr. John D. Lea-Cox from the University of Maryland, this webinar will guide you through the basics of cultural controls, from clean stock  to irrigation water recycling and sanitation. Register here:
  • Wednesday, March 20th, 2-3 pm: Fusarium Basics. Presented by Dr. Ann Chase, Chase Agricultural Consulting, find out how to best protect your crops from fusarium and other root rots. Cultural, biological and conventional control strategies will be covered. Register here.
  • Tuesday, April 2nd, 2-3 pm: Disease Diagnostics for Greenhouse Crops. Featuring Dr. Karen Rane, University of Maryland, you’ll learn how to sharpen your diagnostic skills.  Dr. Rane will provide tips and strategies for identifying problems in your crop. Register here.
  • Tuesday, April 9th, 2-3pm: Powdery mildew control. Dr. Jean Williams-Woodward, University of Georgia will tell you about proactive measures you can take in the greenhouse and how to manage the disease when present. Register here.
  • … more potentially to come, so stay tuned!

All webinars are FREE; all they require is registration.  See links above, or go to Greenhouse Canada Magazine’s website for the latest webinar.

More results of the 2018 Vineland Research and Innovation Centre’s Biocontrol Survey can be found here.

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