Upcoming IPM Workshop in Niagara

ipm flyer

It’s that time of year again!  Learn how to recognize important greenhouse pest species; discuss the benefits of sprays versus bios!  All in the 1 day workshop on “Greenhouse IPM: Achieving Sustainable Biocontrol”, held on March 1 in Vineland.

For registration details, keep reading.

This workshop will cover common pests like whitefly (pictured), aphids, thrips and mite species that affect floriculture crops.

Mike Short, owner of Eco Habitat AgriServices and a consultant in the Niagara area for over 20 years, will guide attendees through scouting basics, understanding pest and their natural enemies, and how pesticides fit into it all.

I will be running a mini-session on the importance of different thrips species in the greenhouse, their control, and most importantly, how to ID them.

To attend this workshop, which runs from 8:30-3pm on March 1, register with Rachelle at Flowers Canada Ontario by email: rachelle@fco.ca or phone: 1.800.698.0113 ext. 4230.

More details about the workshop call all be found on this flyer: IPM2019FLYER


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