New IPM survey will help focus research and products for growers

We need to pick your brain!

Let’s face it; it can feel like there’s never enough time in the day.  Extra tasks (even those that only take a few minutes) can seem impossible to squeeze in.  Especially this time of year.

But some tasks that seem annoying now can have a big payoff in the future. Because if researchers, extension agents and industry groups know exactly what you need to be successful, we can help make these things a reality.

The Vineland Research and Innovation Centre has recently taken up the rather thankless job of conducting a survey on pest management implementation and needs in the greenhouse industry.

Why is this a necessary evil? Because it gives them (and us) information on:

  • Pests to focus research on
  • Where pest management dollars are being spent, and where programs can be refined
  • Pest management needs in the industry (here’s your chance to indicate specific pesticides or bios you’d like to see available!)
  • How best to reach growers with new information

I encourage you all to click “Read More” on this blog post and follow the link to the survey BEFORE April 6, 2018.  Below I have detailed the kinds of information you’ll need at your fingertips to help make taking it go a bit more smoothly.

The survey will take approximately 15 min to complete (I’ve walked through it confirm this.  I took it – with made up answers – in about 10 min). Note: if you need to put it on hold if something else comes up, no worries! It will save your place!

Please take the survey by clicking here .

If this link doesn’t work for you then copy the following web address into your browser (, you can contact Rose at  to arrange a time to  conduct the survey by phone.

The kind of information collected in the most recent survey (back in 2014) can be found on the Greenhouse Canada website under “Now Putting the Bios in Charge” by Ashley Summerfield, VRIC.

Information you’ll need on hand:

  • Approximate size of your greenhouse
  • A general idea of how you spend your pest management budget (e.g. % spent on biocontrol, pesticides, trapping, consultants, other) for insects AND diseases (separately)
  • The fungicides and microbial products you regularly use
  • Estimated  total operational input costs per unit (e.g. all inputs in $’s per pot or sq. ft) for your main crop only (optional question)
  • Estimated costs per unit of your pest management program for both insects and diseases (optional question) 
  • estimated losses (in %) in your main crop due to disease

And that’s it!  I found the whole thing pretty painless, so I hope you’ll all be encourage to participate!

If you want to know how this information will be shared by the Vineland Research and Innovation Centre once it’s complied, take a look at this Greenhouse Canada article on a previous survey in 2014.

Questions can be directed to:

Rose Buitenhuis, PhD






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