Upcoming Webinars: Plant Growth Regulators and Photoperiodic Responses

learning(1)Our floriculture research friends over at e-GRO are hosting a few webinars in the next few weeks that might be of interest to you or your staff. Take a look at the details below, and follow the links to register if you’re interested!

PGR University: Focus on annuals: Friday, January 26th @ 12:00pm 

This webinar comes in two parts. The first will focus on plant growth regulator (PGR) activity in biocontainers.  Biocontainers are pots made out of bioplastics or papers, and you may be using (or considering) these pots in your operation to appeal to the eco-conscious consumer. We know that growing substrate components can influence the effectiveness of PGRs, so there is interest in understanding if biocontainers influence plant growth regulator responses too. The webinar will share recent research on this topic. The second part of the webinar will give information on how to identify a PGR overdose, and management strategies to deal with the outcome. Remember, this webinar is being hosted out of the United States, where available plant growth regulators may differ from registered products available in Ontario.  A focus on both the strategies and chemistries, versus the actual products, will allow you to determine what may be appropriate for your uses in the future.

Register here.

Photoperiodic response and lighting strategies: Friday, February 2nd @12:00pm

This webinar will focus on strategies to manage and manipulate the day length (photoperiod) flowering response for common bedding plants, potted plants, vegetables and herbs.  The researchers will present a few case studies focused on proper crop scheduling using photoperiod to avoid early flowering or dormancy.  This one might be a good refresher on how to group crops for best results through spring when space is at a premium!

Register here.


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