New Floriculture Course Offerings from MSU

Thinking about taking a course this summer?  Our friends at Michigan State University are offering three online courses this summer, and all three look to be great resources. You get three months to complete the course at your own pace, from June 1st to August 31st.  The courses are good for new growers or as a staff refresher.  

EGROClassBlockPromotion_1The three courses that will be offered are Greenhouse and Horticultural Lighting, Biological Control for Greenhouse Growers and Floriculture Root Zone Management.

Greenhouse and Horticultural Lighting will focus on the properties of light and its importance for plant growth and development. Later lessons focus on how light intensity and quality influences stem extension and flowering. It also covers the factors that affect light availability and how to manipulate and measure light intensity in the greenhouse. If you saw Dr. Eric Runkle speak at last year’s Canadian Greenhouse conference, this course will walk you through his and his colleagues most recent ornamental LED research results in this area.

Biological Control for Greenhouse Growers will focus on the challenges and opportunities of biological control, how biological control systems work, factors to consider when developing your program, and the importance and methodology of scouting in the greenhouse. Banker plant systems, quality control of biological control agents and integration of pesticides will also be covered.

Floriculture Root Zone Management will cover topics about irrigation water including water sources, water quality, water treatment, and irrigation timing and methodology. Physical and chemical properties of media as well as substrate components and amendments will also be discussed. Lessons on the essential elements for plant nutrition, how to select a fertilizer, and how to monitor nutrition of greenhouse crops wrap up the course.

Registration is due by May 31st.  Each course costs $129 USD (approximately $175 CAD). For more information, see the MSU link here.

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