Participate in the Greenhouse Innovations Tweet Chat – Tuesday April 11th!

Do you use twitter? Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada is planning a Greenhouse Innovations Tweet Chat on Tuesday, April 11 from 2pm – 3pm EDT.  This event is one of five Science Social Media Takeover Days planned throughout the year.  The Tweet Chat is designed to engage research staff, greenhouse growers and greenhouse industry stakeholders, and the general public about Greenhouse Innovation and Vertical Farming.

On the Tweet Chat, AAFC will be featuring a couple of short videos on their greenhouse research. One of these will show how greenhouse innovations are enhancing production as well as  increasing yield and having an impact on food nutrition.  Factsheets and photos of their greenhouse research across Canada will also be available.

Dr. Xiuming Hao from the Harrow Research and Development Centre, Dr. Rong Cao from the Guelph Research and Development Centre and Dr. Martine Dorais from British Columbia, along with their technicians and greenhouse experts, will be on the Tweet Chat sharing their research and answering questions during the event.

If you’d like to do some background reading beforehand, you can find the links to the AAFC scientists who will be on Twitter sharing their research and answering questions during the event here:

For the event, you can follow along live with AAFC on Twitter. Sign up on their Facebook page and follow along using #GHChat.  If you want to glance through the posts later at any time, use the hashtag #GHChat to see the highlights.

A note from us at ONfloriculture: You may have noticed that we now have a twitter account to go along with our blog!  You can follow or tweet at us at @ChevonneCarlow. We’ll be tweeting along with the #GHChat and will be contributing some of the projects we’ve been working on for #ONfloriculture at the Vineland station.  

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