A Grower and A Scientist Walk into a Bar…at the June “Integrated Control in Protected Crops” IOBC Meeting.

To find out the punchline to this joke, you’ll have to attend the Grower Session of the upcoming IOBC “Integrated Control in Protected Crops” Meeting on June 7, 2017 in Niagara Falls.  Read on for details.


What is the IOBC?

Scientists Networking.jpg
So many Bug Nerds in one place: Mike Short (Eco Habitat Agri Services); Suzanne Wainwright (BugLady Consulting); Graeme Murphy (BioLogical Solutions) and Dr. Michael Brownbridge (VRIC).

The International Organization of Biological Control  (IOBC) is a voluntary organization of biological control workers from around the world (i.e. researchers, consultants, biocontrol producers and growers) that promote environmentally safe methods of pest and disease control.*

 (*Translation: a bunch of Bug Geeks nerding it up over  greenhouses and sustainability for 4 days).

Why are we Meeting?

Every 3 years, the Protected Crops Working Group gets together to share the latest research on novel biological controls, pesticides, and other strategies for control of existing an upcoming pest threats to greenhouse crops.

These sessions lead to group discussions that drive our research plans forward in ways that best address industry issues.

Why YOU Should Attend the Grower Session:

  1. We’ve put together a line up of international speakers you normally wouldn’t have access to. These include extension agents from NY State and Florida, as well as leading biocontrol researchers from Europe.
  2. This is literally your chance to discuss the greatest pest threats to your industry face-to-face with the people that can help find solutions.  Grower input is key to finding practical and effective pest management strategies.  There will be ample opportunities over lunch, breaks, and discussion periods to corner a scientist.
in session
A rare sighting of Greenhouse Bug Nerds in their natural habitat: a conference.

To register for the Grower Session (12:30-5pm, June 7th at the Marriott on the Falls Hotel) please click here. Registration is only $25.

Questions can be addressed to questions@iobccanada2017.ca.

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