Workshop on Water Quality Testing next week!

3M Petri Films are an easy to use tool in on-farm water quality testing.

Want to know when and where pathogen problems are building BEFORE they start? Interested in setting up your own water quality testing program that’s both easy and cost effective?

For those of you attending my IPM Workshop on Friday, you’ll get a bit of a taste of the tools to help you do this that have recently been developed by Flowers Canada, the Soil Research Group and other collaborators.

For those of you who are missing my workshop, or want more hands-on, in-depth information on this topic, then come to the “Greenhouse Water Quality Workshop” being run on Feb. 24.  Read on for more details.

“Expanding your risk management toolbox – on-farm tools for water quality and pathogen monitoring”

When: February 24, 2017, 10am-2pm

 Where: Rittenhouse Hall, Province of Ontario building, Vineland Research & Innovation Centre, Vineland Station, ON

What:  Hands-on-training on simple methods for monitoring microbial water quality throughout your production system– it’s about improving risk management for your operation.

  Learn how to:

  • Set up your own in house water quality monitoring program.
  • Identify when/where microbial concentrations are building up before things go wrong
  • Know what is normal for your system
  • Get fast results for time-critical information:
             – Is irrigation water quality good?
             – Are treatment systems working?
             – Do storage tanks need to be cleaned?
             – Is the risk of biofilm buildup and clogging increasing?

The methods are fast, easy and low-cost, and are focused on improving risk management for your operation.  The workshop agenda will include information about what we have found over the last two years followed by hands-on training on the methods themselves.

Come yourself and see what it is about and/or send someone for training. No previous experience in microbiology required!  Lunch will be provided, but space is limited.

Contact: Dr. Ann Huber, Soil Resource Group; 
or Dr. Jeanine West, for more details.

Growing Forward 2 Project 251; funded by AAC, FCO, HMGA, in collaboration with OMAFRA, UofG, VRIC, AAFC and our dedicated growers.


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