Desperately seeking Aphis gossypii!

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Aphis gossypii come in a variety of colors, as shown above. But all colors share one thing in common – black cornicles at the tip of their bodies. These can be seen with a hand lens.

Usually on this blog we bring YOU the information.  Today it’s the opposite.  I’m looking for a grower who has live melon aphid (Aphis gossypii) in their operation, and wouldn’t mind a researcher coming by to remove some of them to start a research colony with.


If you have some you wouldn’t mind parting with, please contact Rose Buitenhuis at 905.562.0320 Ext. 749 or who can get in touch with our contact at Laval University.  They might even name the colony after you…

As a refresher, Melon aphids tend to be the smallest aphid found in your greenhouse. They can come in a variety of color morphs – from pale green-yellow to dusky grey – but they ALWAYS have black cornicles (or “tail pipes”) at the end of their abdomen.  They are common in crops like kolanchoe and gerbera and a variety of other spring crops.

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