OMAFRA Greenhouse IPM Workshop being held Feb 17th.

Scouting plants regularly is a key component of successful IPM.

Registration for th“Intro to IPM” Workshop (Feb 17) IS NOW FULL

Along with IPM “basics”, the 2017 workshop will emphasize proper tools and techniques for effective IPM. This includes effective scouting techniques and useful tools and tips used by IPM scientists and consultants.

The 2017 Workshop will also include a SPECIAL SECTION on tools for testing your water for plant pathogens, held by Dr. Ann Huber of the Soil Research Group.

Details on the 2017 Workshop can be found here: 2017-ipm-workshop-flyer.

Of course, this is always a great workshop for new greenhouse employees and first year scouts.  BUT, it’s also useful for regular employees as a place to gain new tips/tools to improve IPM, and ask questions of the experts.  The workshop will include LIVE samples of insects and diseases so you can get up close and personal with them.

The Experts:

3M Yeast and Mold Petri Films can help you pinpoint the source of pathogen contamination in your operation, and confirm if your water treatment plan is actually working.

Mike Short, a professional crop scout and consultant for more than 20 years in the area will  be lending his expertise on scouting techniques.

Dr. Michelangelo La Spina, VRIC’s resident expert on aphids, will talk about the latest news in aphid control.

As a special bonus, Dr. Ann Huber will  be demonstrating the use of Petri Films to quickly, easily and cheaply determine the plant pathogen load in your water supply.  This is an incredibly useful tool for determining the efficacy of your water treatment plan.

I’ll be talking about common pests and ways to control them, along with tips and tools to understand and optimize your biocontrol program.

Take-home resources and free food will also be provided. To register, contact Rachelle Pruss at Flowers Canada (Ontario): Tel: 519-836-5495, Ext 230.



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